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Our production

Thanks to our multiple function production facilities located in one building, we can control all the manufacturing process and complete all orders promptly: from design and manufacturing planning to completion of the order, being sure the quality corresponds to the best brands in the world. Respecting our customers, we created corporate packaging for every unit.

Five stages of our production building include stone-treatment, bronze foundry, furniture production shops, warehouses, departments, manufacturing halls, bureaus, and creative laboratories all working as a well-organized mechanism. We specially focus on individual orders: SENTIABREV comprehends and respects your wish to have exclusive items. Coming here, all our potential clients will be able to see how we create artworks for decorating of houses!

We develop our business in some priority directions. First of all, it is art bronze wares: vases, clocks, writing sets, table setting and small plastic pieces, souvenirs of VIP class. One of our highlights is the series of semi-precious stones items made in Russian Mosaic technique. This unique technique lets us produce from malachite and lapis lazuli both small decorative pieces and big wares: podiums, tabletops, big interior vases, and even malachite halls. Especial value of all our items is that they are exclusive as real artworks.

At our production we arrange all operations from splitting natural stones to creations real masterpieces from unformed blocks. Creating mosaic is a kind of jeweller’s work: stone plates are thoroughly selected by design and texture and put by hand in perfect pictures. Besides recognized by our clients items of malachite, charoite, lapis lazuli, and rhodonite, SENTIABREV created absolutely new suggestion. It is a line of furniture and accessories of tiger-eye which lets enlarge our style range from classics to modern.

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