The SENTIABREV company

The SENTIABREV company produces for more then 20 years real pieces of art for all true connoisseurs of beauty: art bronze and semi-precious stone wares (vases, clocks, writing sets, table setting and small plastic pieces, VIP souvenirs) and classic furniture of Karelian birch and mahogany. Among various art styles SENTIABREV keeps its focus on legacy of gallant and luxurious ages of Empire, Baroque, Classicism, and Neoclassicism styles.

For service to rebirth of the Russian culture, on November of 1999, under the edict of the Grand Duchess Leonida Georgienvna, the company got an honorary title “Official supplier of the Russian Imperial House”. One of the most luxurious interior solutions of SENTIABREV is our wall finishing with panels of Karelian birch. For decorating reception rooms, studies, and bathrooms, we would like to propose to you our unordinary solution. This is our malachite halls.

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23 June

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, pay your attention to the changes in the opening hours of our official showrooms.

19 February

The Sentiabrev company took an active part in the restoration of the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Zelenogorsk (the Leningrad region), and fabricated a marble iconostasis decorated with gilded bronze and semi-precious stones.